Our Classes

Multipurpose Activity Room

We have colorful doors to welcome you. Kids do dance, yoga, skating, teakawondo. Audio visual. Stage performance. Parent meetings. Seating capacity of 60 adults

Ball Pool

An absolute super hit with kids to keep them completely engaged in fun’n’frolic activities.

Sports Room

Activities to overcome fears….The sports room is equipped with trampoline, wall climbing, Burma Bridge, command net.


Enter an enchanting world from the moment you step inside any room. All classrooms have been created to offer kids an experience like no place else. Our classrooms are small with abundant natural light and appealing designs which are inviting, simple and functional.

Kids Splash Pool

Our splash pool is all children’s favourite. On a spring sunny day children enjoy playing with colourful paper boats and toys inside the pool. Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water.

School Pantry

Our exclusive kids menu includes food loved by children which is healthy and nutritious. Just like you, we’re parents, and there’s nothing more important to us than seeing the children we feed get served the nutritious food they deserve. All of the meals we serve your children have been kept as simple as possible, using the same ingredients you’d find at home. We hand make all of our lunches every morning.