About Our School

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

– Ignacio Estrada

Jyoti’s Noddy Play School was established in 1989 by Mrs. Jyoti Gulati, an accomplished educationist with wide experience in the field of education.

Since our creation in 1989, we’ve supported thousands of families with programs and services designed to help kids grow up healthy and ready to succeed in school – and in life!

Jyoti’s Noddy Play School is a home away from home. It is ensured that the children get the warmth and security of home and their physical, social and emotional needs are catered to as well.

We are proud to offer a hygienic safe and informal atmosphere that stimulates creative expression, cognitive growth and skills required by the child.

We welcome all the children and embrace the innocence and individuality of each child that makes our and their world so beautiful.

At Noddys , Play is serious and learning is Fun.

Meet Our Teachers

Jyoti’s Noddy Play School is the brainchild of Mrs. Jyoti Gulati.
Our Founder (Jyoti Gulati) holds a qualified teaching degree in Education and over 30 years of professional child care experience, including five years working with under privileged children and families. She is enthusiastic about instilling best practice in Early Childhood Education. Besides being an educationist, she has been doing social work for community health and development.
Has been associated with Jyoti’s Noddy Play School since very beginning. He comes from finance background and encourages high standards in all aspects of school life; Contributes to the effective and efficient management of the school; Promotes a school culture that is happy, purposeful and productive; Provides support and motivates children, parents, teachers and other school employees.

Our Trainers

The trainers/care givers are carefully selected to ensure that we retain the highest standards of education in our classrooms. We understand the tremendous impact that trainers have on a child’s growth, development, and personality. The entire staff attends training sessions and education workshops at regular intervals to constantly improve on their methodologies. Staff is attentive towards children, carefully supervising them and quickly responding to their needs in a positive, loving way. The trainers always show a respectful attitude towards the children, parents and each other.